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Devils Tower

Devil's Tower, Hulett, WY - 2019

The following pages of our travels are offered for viewing to those who can appreciate what nature has to offer.  We like to hike the many trails that are in our National Parks and are not limited to length or altitude.  These photos were taken from hiking trails that were as short as 1/2 and as long as 18 miles and elevation gains as little as 100 to as much as 4700 feet.  I have documented the photos as much as possible so you can appreciate what we were trying to capture at the time.

Sean, Vicki & Jack, Boulder CO July 8, 2002

Ever wish you could climb to the "TOP OF THE WORLD", well Vicki and I did it. Well it seemed that way as we were following Sean on his incredible journey to the Summit of Mount Everest. Sean Swarner (the one on the left above) is one of the most genuine individuals you could ever hope to meet. You might ask "genuine", what does that mean? His outlook on life is what we all wish we could achieve and he is only 28. Follow this link to the Cancer Climber's Homepage or the Sean Swarner's home page and read his story. We first met Sean on top of Twin Sisters in RMNP Sept 2001. After spending 2 hours sitting on the peak talking to this young man, we knew he was something special and decided to help him attain his latest goal, Everest. Since then following him and staying in touch has been a pleasure.

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