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Welcome to The Oil Station 
Golf League web site!

This site is to inform anyone interested
 in participating in the 
Wednesday night Golf league.











Ever need to take your Oil Station Handicap to another course, click FAQ Page

We have a golf trip planned for Aug 17th to Shelby Country Club, if interested please let me know via email.

This Weeks Scores and Skins!

Current Team Money List  
1. Scootch Tea - $148
2. Willie Woodruff - $118
3. Joe Shetzer - $107

Current Skins Money List
1. Ray Salazar - $100
2. Todd Bilbrey - $83
3. Scootch Tea - $62

interested in playing Golf 
for enjoyment and a
little fun competition.

Wednesday Nights at 5:30 PM

Green Hills Golf Course, Clyde, OH

Click here for Map to Green Hills

1.    League Fees - $5.00 Weekly - 100% Payout Weekly
     2.    Skins - Scratch - $2.00 Weekly - Optional - 100% Payout Weekly
     3.    Skins - Handicap - $1.00 Weekly - Optional - 100% Payout Weekly
     4.    Format - Net 2-Best Ball
     5.    Handicap - USGA using Pre 1993 Stroke Control
     6.    Green Hills Green Fees Walking - $14.00
     7.    Green Hills Green Fees & Cart - $22.50
     8.    Teams created weekly by "picking out of the bucket"

We have a mailing list that informs you of our weekly play, just click on the link to Jack Cooper below and ask to be added.

For More information please email one of the League Contacts listed below:

Don Ball                                             
Jack Cooper - WebMaster

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